About the Boss

Hi there, my name is Martyn.

Originally from the uk.

I joined the British Royal Marine Commando’s at 17, this is where the work ethic comes in.

I started gardening with my grandparents over 30 years ago.

After the Commando’s I did a few different jobs but always came back to the garden. In 2001 I started a garden maintenance round in the uk and was very fruitful, during this time became a qualified Arbourist, I also trained with the crew at an old Victorian Kitchen Garden called “Auderly End” in Cambridge UK (it used to feed kings and Queens. This was where I learned the best practices for growing food organically in this kind of climate.

I was able to emigrate here in 2009 to persue my dream job at Outward Bound NZ. It was during this time I fell in love with Wanaka.

I quit the job and made the move. You can see what I’ve been growing at wakakawillows on Instagram or Facebook over the past 8 or 9 years.

Hopefully I’ll get to know you and your garden soon.

Regards, Martyn Sinkinson.

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Hello and Welcome to Wanaka Willows

Our mission WAS to grow and supply our local community with sustainable, fresh, nutrient dense organic vegetables in Wanaka, and providing an opportunity for community based regenerative education whilst lowering everyone's emissions. Now we’ve achieved this it’s time for a change.

Now our new mission is to create a professional REGULAR GARDEN MAINTENANCE ROUND for the same cost as a machine operator. Bringing our experience to your property we are only looking for 20 ish gardens to be fully booked so be quick to get in. We are X military and we work like clockwork to get the job done.

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Regenerative Sustainable Education - that is where we’re at.

You can only buy directly from us. As seen on the Wanaka harvest video.

To find out what's currently growing in our garden, what veggies we can supply to you and your community please go to our order page or click below.

If you're interested in our weekly veg boxes please drop us a line on 0221898267 with your contact details.

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