Frequently Asked Questions

Team hiding behind vegetables

How can I buy your produce?

Text or call myself, Martyn the Head gardener on 0221898267. I will put you in the calendar. Veg is harvested and available to collect on Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays at your leisure after 2pm from our chiller in the green shipping container. 41 Monteith rd, Albert Town, just before hook on the left.

Can I choose what I buy?

Unfortunately this isn't feasible for us, if we did, the time of organising and packing the boxes would be so time consuming we’d have to charge full price to cover our costs. (In which case It would price out the hard working people were trying to give great food to).

You can choose 2 herbs when available. Once you get to know us and become a family member you will be welcomed to harvest your own.

Who is a family member?

A family member is someone who takes a box every week. They know us and support us, so these guys are the heart and soul of this community who can ask for extras of things we have an abundance of, they are also welcome to harvest themselves. Obviously these guys are priority.

Do I have to sign up weekly?

We don't expect you to sign up for a weekly box initially and anyone can call and try a box.

However the only way this garden can function is if we know it’s sold! We simply haven’t time to run around trying to sell it. Our margins do not allow for waste so signing up for a weekly box is better for us and you as you will become a family member with access to extras and education

Can I buy your produce at the market?

It’s a waste of our time for us financially. (On a good day at the market we only take $100, minus $20 for the stall then we get to compost the food not sold). That’s a days wage For 2 people living in Wanaka so I’m sure you can agree this is not an option.

What’s in the box?

A bunch of fresh seasonal veggies all grown here naturally and organically. We are not certified yet but we are organic. It’s all harvested the same day to guarantee freshness. The more knowledgeable you are about seasonal veggies the more you’ll understand when and what you’re going to get. Or keep an eye on our Instagram and Facebook posts to see what we have.

How much food is in a $50 box?

A large box has lots of variety, it’s valued at $90 high end supermarket prices then we half the price and add a little. In the height summer we sent out $125 worth but still charged $50.

During the winter months the value will come down. It may even get down to $45 in which case we just charge $25.

How much is in a $35 box?

A small box has the same verity but generally has just over half the food and you still get herbs.

Will a box last a week?

How long is a piece of sting? It’s time for us to start respecting our planet and to start eating the food grown here before we gorge ourselves on chemically, mechanically grown cheap food delivered from the other side of the country! So stop being scared and try a box!!

​Do you Deliver?

Collection only, however if you are ever unwell we will get your veggies to you!!

Do you sell to restaurants?

Restaurants generally use extremely cheap food and dress it up in all kinds of ways.

We cannot and will not compete with their suppliers.

So all our food goes directly to the people, cheaper than the supermarket and we also get a better deal.

How do I pay?

Once we've had a chat and you have your first box I'll text you the bank details.

What happens to the profits?

All proceeds go back into sustainability and education for all who want to join in.

How to get involved in the growing?

Wanaka Willows is here for all to come learn and getting your hands dirty. Just call Martyn to discuss the many options open to you.